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GK Quiz Test

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Which of the following statements for Sultan Alauddin Khalji are correct?

(a) He knew how to say his prayers, but he never fasted

(b) He prohibited drinking of intoxicants

(c) He encouraged nobles to marry as much as they wished

(d) He agreed with Ulema to run the state as per Shariat

Choose the correct option:

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Not even a hundred karohs of my territory are obedient to me in the proper way"

Identify the person whom Sultan Alauddin Khalji was complaining to.?

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Prince Khurram grew up to be known as ?

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Consider the following statements regarding Alauddin Khilji:

1. Alauddin Khalji’s greatest achievement was the conquest of Deccan and the far south.

2. He was the first Sultan of Delhi who ordered land measurement.

3. Alauddin Khalji was a literate sultan, he patronized poets like Amir Khusrau and Amir Hasan.

How many of the statements given above are correct?

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Khizr Khan was a ruler of Delhi, belonged to which of the following dynasties?

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The Kohinoor diamond was taken from which of the following kings?

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The peacock Throne was commissioned by ___ ?

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which of the following is correct about Al-Biruni..?

A. He was Iranian scholar and polymath came from Uzbekistan.

B. The scholar was entrusted by sultan mahmud of ghazni

C. Kitab al hind is a book written by him

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The Kohinoor diamond is a __ Carat diamond.

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which Sultan was prohibited the drinking and selling of wine in Delhi?

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