GK Quiz Test Of 8th February

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GK Quiz Test

Quiz Test

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To whom is the Department of Administrative Reforms related?

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Who has recently launched the Amrit Dharohar scheme to revive wetlands and mangroves in India?

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 Which of the following is essential to form haemoglobin in blood?

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Regular freight train service started on the recently started Haldibari (West Bengal) in India and Chilahati rail route in Bangladesh. When was this train closed?

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In India, which of the following bills CANNOT be introduced in the Rajya Sabha?

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What is the correct order of radiations in descending order of frequencies?

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Which Article of the Constitution of India lays down that an Indian citizen has the right to use any restaurant, road or public place?

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In which Indian state is the place where the Dandi Salt March took place today?

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Below are a few statements given about afforestation.
A. Afforestation could prevent flooding.
B. Afforestation can balance our ecosystem.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

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