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A certain sum of money amounts to Rs 1008 in 2 years and to Rs 1164 in 3 ½  years. Find the sum and the rate of interest.

A) 800, 14%B) 800, 13%
C) 800, 12%D) 800, 19%

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Find: S.l. on Rs 6250 at 14% per annum for 146 days.

A) Rs.350B) Rs.450
C) Rs.550D) Rs.650

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The difference between the simple interest received from two different sources on Rs.1500 for 3 years is Rs.13.50. The difference between their rates of interest is

A) 0.1%B) 0.2%
C) 0.3%D) 0.4%

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A sum of money becomes 7/6 of itself in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interest. The rate per annum is ?

A) 45/7 %B) 50/9 %
C) 51/7 %D) 47/ 9 %

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In how many years will a sum of Rs.800 at 10% per annum compounded semi annually become Rs.926.10

A) 1.5B) 2.5
C) 3.5D) 4.5

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A Certain sum of money an amounts to Rs 2500 in a span Of 5 years and further to Rs.3000 in a span of 7 years at simple interest The sum is ?

A) Rs. 1800B) Rs. 2000
C) Rs. 1400D) Rs. 1250

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At what rate of compound interest per annum will a sum of rs.1200 becomes rs.1348.32 in 2 years

A) 66%%B) 6.5%
C) 7%D) 7.5%

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A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years. Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?

A) Rs.35B) Rs.245
C) Rs.350D) cannot be determined

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How long will it take for a sum of money to grow from Rs.1250 to Rs.10,000, if it is invested at 12.5% p.a simple interest?

A) 65yearsB) 56years
C) 45yearsD) 57years

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