Maths Test of 8th January (Topic : Percentage)

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Maths Test

Topic : Percentage

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A student multiplied a number by 3/5 instead of 5/3. What is the % error in the calculation

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The number of boys in a school is 1500 more than that of girls. Total number of girls
selected for inter – school championship is 195 more than that of boys. If the number
of boys and the number of girls selected in the championship are 13% and 18% of their
respective strength, then find the difference between number of boys and number of
girls who have not been selected.

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A salesman is allowed 9% commission on the total sales made by him and a bonus of 1% on the sales over RS20000. If the total earning of a salesman is rs 6800 find the total sales

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A labour works 60 hrs.per weekand he earns RS.2400 as wages.If his per hours wages in increased by 40% and duration of work is reduced by 16.66%.Find the % change in his income

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The price of sugar is decreased by 20% then by have much % the consumption is increase so that expenditure will remain same

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Rahul got 20% more pocket money than his sister Amayra and Amayra got 20% more
than her sister Pihu. If the total money received by all of them together is Rs. 5824,
find how much pocket money did Pihu get.

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If 16 2/3 % of a number is added with itself then result become 4956. Find the orignal number

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There are two slabs of income tax, 9% tax for income up to 3lakh and 12.5% for
income above 3 lakh. Arun tried to evade tax by hiding some of the income, to fall in
the 9% tax slab. The amount hid by arun is 9/44 of the original taxable income. If arun
paid Rs. 25,200 as tax, what is the original amount of tax he had to pay?

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If Krishna salary is 16 2/3 % less than Radha.By how much % does Radha salary is more than Krishna

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25%  of 24 + 25% of 32 -14% of 350=

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A fruit seller had some oranges he sells 30% oranges and still has 140 oranges orignally oranges ge had

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When a student score 30%marks then he fail by 5 marks.But when he score 40% marks then he got 10 more marks than passing marks

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If a student score 36% marks then he is failed by 32 marks , but when he score 48% marks then he is passed by 64 marks find passing %

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The bacterial growth, in an experiment, increases by 27% in the 1st year of
observation and by 20% in the subsequent year, then the ratio of number of bacteria
at the end of 1st year to the end of 2nd year is

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If the base radius of a circular cylender is increased by 40% and its height is reduce by 37 1/2% then find the % change in its volume

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The total population of a village is increased fro 18000 to 22500 in a decade the average % increase of population per year of that village is

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A man saves a certain part of his income every month , so that he can purchase a car in one year. But what% he must increase in his saving, so that he can purchase the same car in 9 months

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If the length of a rectangle is increased by 37 1/2% and its breadth is decreased by 20%.Find the % change in area

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If 20 is added in a number then result becomes 166 2/3 % of number.Find the number

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In a train there are as many wagons as there are the numbers of seats in each wagon. In one of the wagon carrying 25 persons is filled with 71 3/7 % of its capacity.Find the maximum number of passangers that can be accomodated, if it has minimum 20% seats always vacant

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If 64 is added in a number then number becomes 157 1/7 % of itself. Find the number

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In an examination of IBPS SO, Rahul scored 92% marks, Nishant scored 56% and
Samarth scored 634 marks out of the total marks. Average marks scored by them was
643. What percentage of the total marks did Samarth get in the IBPS SO exam?

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If 16 is added in a number then result becomes 116 2/3 % of itself.Find the orignal number

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If a student score 25% marks then he is failed by 210 marks.But if he score 55% marks then he is passed with 240 marks find the passing %

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P is six time larger as Q . By how much % is Q less than P

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Mr. Sunil’s monthly expenses are: 25% on food, 20% on clothing and 10% of the
remaining on children’s education. If he invests the remaining amount in two schemes
X and Y in the ratio 5 : 4 respectively. The expenditure on children’s education is what
percent of his investment in the scheme X?

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. Rajeev tells Aman and Kishor a two digit number. He then tells Aman to calculate
166.67% of the number and Kishor to find 66.67% of the number given. The end result
of Aman is 3 more than that of Kishor. If by mistake Kishor had written the original
number in reverse order, what was the number given by Rajeev?

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The sale of a cinema ticket is increased by 57 1/7 % and the price of ticket is increased by%. Find the % change in his revenue

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A, B and C are three numbers with A > B > C. The average of the difference between A
and B and the difference between B and C is equal to 10. The value of B is 1500% of
the difference between B and C and 400% more than the difference between A and B.
What is the value of B?

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The price of sugar is decrease by 20% by how much % consumption is increase so that expenditure will decrease by 4% only

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A man can type 20 linesin 10 minutes but he leaves 8% margin on each line.In how much time he will type 23 pages with 40 lines on each page on which he leaves 255% more margin of before

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A man spends 75% of his income.If his income increase by 20% and expenditure is increase by 10% find the % change in his saving

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After spending 30% salary in rent, 25% of the remaining in Electricity and 28.56% of the
remaining on shopping, Gaurav puts the remaining amount at compound interest of 20% p.a
for 2 years. The interest received is Rs 6600. What is the monthly salary of Gaurav?

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If 930 is added in a number then number becomes 444 4/9 % of itself.Find the orignal number

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The population of a town is 6000, if males are increased by 5% and female are increased by 9%.Then population will become 6500 after 1 year. Find the numbers of males

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If the income tax is increased by 19% then net income reduced by 6%.Find the rate of income tax.

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If the sides of a square is increased by 40%.Find the % change its area

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If 60 % of the students in school are boys and the number of girls is 972. How many boys are there in the school.

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A man spend rs5700 out of his income of rs 8550.If his income and expenditure are increasedby 19% and 13% find the % change in his saving

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If the income tax is increased by 17% then the net income is reduce by 3%.Find the rate of income tax.

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Two friends A and B have some money in the ratio 4:3. If the money with A decreases
by 17.5% and that with B increases by Rs 45, then the money with both of them
becomes equal. What is the average of the money with them initially?

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Three candidates A, B and C contested an election and recived 1800,3300 and 3900 votes respectively what % of the total vote A get

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The speed ratio of A, B and C is 5 : 4 : 3. All of them start running together on a track
and match their respective wrist watches when they finish the race. C completes race
in 20 min. When B finishes the race the wrist watch of A shows 7:27PM. When C
finishes the race his watch shows 7:30PM and wrist watch of B shows 7:16PM. At the
start of the race what is the difference between the time in the wrist watch of A and  B?

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If the radius of a circle is increased by 25% then find the % change in area

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The price of sugar is decrease by 30% .By how much % the consumption is increase so as the expenditure will decrease by 10% only

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. In an examination Tarang got 25% marks and failed by 64 marks. If he had got 40%
marks he would have secured 32 marks more than the pass marks. Find the
percentage of pass marks.

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If 6 2/3 % of a number is subtracted from itself then result becomes 5670.Find the orignal number

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