Science Quiz 1 may (Biology Basics)

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Science Quiz Test (Biology Basics)

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Organic constituents of soil formed by complete or partial decomposition of plant and animal material is called:

A. Fauna

B. Humus

C. Fossil

D. Compost

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 What is ploughing and cultivating the land called?

A. Irrigation

B. Domestication

C. Tilling

D. Weeding

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What are those animals called which eat both plants and animals?

A. Omnivores

B. Herbivores

C. Carnivores

D. Decomposers

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 The complex feeding relationships within a community is called:

A. Food chain

B. Food web

C. Trophic level

D. All of the above

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What is the act of supplying water to a field through artificial means called?

A. Irrigation

B. Insecticide

C. Fungicide

D. Monoculture

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What are heterotrophs, mostly bacteria and fungi, when obtain food by breaking down substances in dead protoplasm are called:

A. Omnivores

B. Herbivores

C. Decomposers

D. Carnivores

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Those organs which have same basic structure but different functions are called:

A. Analogous organs

B. Speciation

C. Fossils

D. Homologous organs

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What is the shedding of flowers, leaves and fruits followed by formation of scar tissue in a plant called?

A. Abscission

B. Abscisic acid

C. Deciduous

D. Mitosis

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A group of glands which produce various hormones is called:

A. Respiratory system

B. Excretion

C. Endocrine system

D. Central nervous system

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