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Logical Reasoning Quiz Test

Quiz Test

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Pankaj shifted 7 places towards his right to occupy the middle position in the row. If
there were 33 persons in the row them what was the original position of Pankaj from the
right end of the row?

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How many such pair(s) of digits are there in the number ‘48240866’ which have as
many digits between them as in the numerical series?

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What will be the difference between the third last digit and fourth digit from the left
end of the number ‘947823165’ after arranging all its digits in ascending order?

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 Which letter is seventh from left of 16th from right in English alphabet?

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Seven family members namely Rekha, Tipu, Meena, Mohan, Duggu, Sandy and Krishna in a family are related
to each other in the following way:
Krishna is uncle of Sandy who is only son of mohan. Duggu is brother of mohan who is husband of Meena.
Rekha has only two sons. Sandy is grandson of Tipu. Rekha is wife of Tipu.

How is Rekha related to Meena?

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 If 11 (170)16, 11(203)19, then value of 17(?)18 will be –

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In a certain code language
‘life is not easy’ is written as ‘pq rt av ik’
‘meet people in life’ is written as ’av mo la ny ‘
‘people want easy things’ is written as ‘tp ha ik mo’
‘your want is unlimited’ is written as ‘pq ax vy ha’.


What is the code for ‘things’?

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Cleanliness survey was conducted at 6 different locations among Bhopal, Ranchi, Jaipur, Simla,
Patna and Mumbai. These surveys were conducted on 4th and 17th of three different months
viz. June, August and October such that no two surveys were conducted on same date of a
The survey at Ranchi was conducted before the survey at Jaipur, which was conducted in a
month whose total number of days are odd. 3 surveys were conducted between the surveys at
Jaipur and Simla. The survey at Simla and Patna were conducted in same month. The survey in
Patna and Ranchi were conducted on same dates but in consecutive months. The survey at
Bhopal was conducted just before the survey at Mumbai.

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What will be the addition of the third digit from the right end and the fourth digit
from the left end of the number ‘768395241’ after arranging all its digits in descending

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